Please provide the information below and attach your resume in the space provided. Once you have clicked on the "submit" button, your information will be sent to us at our company email address. If you would rather email your resume to us directly, please send it in MS Word to with a note in the subject line that you have previously provided the required information via ACA's on-line application.  Please make sure to include your law school transcripts and, if you are a patent attorney, technical transcripts.


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1.  If ACA discloses a potential opportunity to me, I will keep the information confidential.

2.  I will not directly contact a client ACA has disclosed to me regarding that opportunity without ACA's written permission.

3.  If I am contacted by an ACA client within one year of my introduction to that client by ACA, I will immediately notify ACA.

4.  This Application is not a contract of employment of any type between ACA and any employee.  The employment relationship between ACA and all of its employees is at-will, based on mutual consent, and can be terminated at any time by either the employee or ACA without advance notice and without any requirement of cause.  No employee of ACA is employed for any specific time period and no employee of ACA has authority to enter into any agreement of employement ofr any specific  period of time.

5.  ACA follows a strict policy of nondiscrimination in all employment practices, procedures and policies.  ACA hires individuals based on job related qualifications only.  ACA does not may any distinction of job opportunities, compensation or benefits based on race, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status or any other prohibited criteria as mandated by applicable law.

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