Why should you work with us?

1. Our approach is centered around matching values and cultures. How does that help you? People we place, stay. It’s that simple. By insuring what the candidate wants in the long term, is consistent with what you have to offer, you minimize the frequency of one of the most costly business mistakes – the bad hiring decision.

2. We never submit resumes without the consent of the candidate. We always ask them if they have been submitted within the previous six months (if so, we do not submit them). If required/requested, we include transcripts, writing samples etc… and do so to the person designated by your firm to receive these materials.

3. We do not submit resumes unless the candidate's skills and background are appropriate to a position for which your organization is actively recruiting, or you have expressed an interest in that particular candidate/group.

4. We do not submit resumes unless you have a position open for someone with those qualifications, or you have indicated an interest in that particular candidate.

5. We do not actively recruit attorneys from clients for a minimum of six months after a fee has been paid.

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