Why should you work with us?

1. Our approach is centered on you, the attorney candidate. We typically have over 600 positions open throughout the nation and around the world, at any given time. If we don’t have exactly what you want today, chances are excellent that we soon will. When it comes to something as important as your career, we’re willing to take whatever time is necessary to identify what is best for you. You shouldn’t work with anyone who won’t make that investment.  Stated differently, beware of a recruiter who seems to be in too much of a hurry.

2. Unlike our competitors, ACA does not require our professionals to specialize in a particular city or market. Why is this important? If a recruiter is limited to Chicago, for example, they must try to work with as many clients as possible. Many will boast that they “work with every firm in town”. What does that say about their standards? If the only position available in their market is with a bad firm, will they try to sell you on it anyway?

3. We will tell you the truth. This may not sound unusual but ask another legal recruiter about the “downsides” of a position they are discussing with you. Chances are, they will have little or nothing to say. We will be straight with you. There are no perfect jobs. We believe that you are intelligent enough to realize that, so we give you the positives and negatives of the position and let you make an informed choice.

4. We do not send your resume out en mass. Your resume is not submitted anywhere without your express consent or without you knowing about the employer, the compensation, the lifestyle etc. and that there is a reasonable chance of your being hired. Discretion is our primary area of concern.

5. We are not limited to working solely within the markets where our offices are located. What does this mean? It means we don’t work with “everyone in town”. Quite simply, whatever the city, there are some bad places to work there. Why would we work with them? Why would you? Our geographic freedom allows us to be selective about the clients with whom we work. The Chairman of our firm has been the managing partner of a major firm and has over a decade of experience structuring law firm mergers, lateral moves etc… for Groups, Partners, General Counsel and Associates throughout Texas, The United States, Europe and Asia.

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